Talisha loved her classes with Dene

May Lin
Clients Mum
June 10, 2018
Talisha loved her classes with Dene

My daughter Talisha started with Dene last Year in February. Dene has been so lovely.
Talisha loved her classes with Dene and the girls she met through Dene’s class.
You would not recognise the girl that started a year ago.
She is so much more confident, having a lovely posture and learning to walk on a catwalk. Dene has also given us so much opportunity.
Introducing us to Eco Fashion Week and from there we were offered the opportunity to go to LA with a local designer.
Talisha was also the wild card winner for Pierrot’s model search this year.
Thanks Dene for all the coaching. Not only about modelling but also about skincare, how to apply makeup and dressing appropriately.