Below are a list of the more Frequently Asked Questions.

  • I want to be a model.
  • How do I get into modelling?
  • How do I get into magazines as a model?
  • How do I become a photographic model?
  • What height do I need to be?
  • What size do I need to be?
  • Must I be skinny or thin?
  • What age can I be a model?
  • Can I just do photos?
  • Can I just do catwalk or runway?
  • Do I need training to be a model?

Basically, all questions are answered in training, but the fact is when you look at TV commercials, all ages, heights and sizes are used.

The same applies to commercial photographic modelling. We have clients that require genuine realistic talent that are trained to do jobs when a fashion model isn’t appropriate.

Editorial modelling requires fit, healthy bodies usually starting at 172 cm plus and have a proportioned body that is a standard size, not in-between.

Paris is banning girls who are unhealthily thin as fitness has importance over thin.

Models need to radiate energy from the eyes and are expected to know what to do when on a job. Clients don’t like to use untrained models as it is unprofessional and wastes time as untrained people are unlikely to know how to take direction, or have access to jobs.

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