Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges.

We tailor personal development programs for each schools requirements and direction. In addition to our personal development and grooming subjects, we also have workshops that target work experience, also school balls.

Some of our suggested subjects:

  • Colour Analysis/Presentation/Grooming/Hygiene
  • Deportment/Posture/Body Language/Modelling
  • Social Etiquette/Table Manners
  • Work Experience Preparation and Etiquette/First Impressions/Appropriate Presentation and
  • Attitudes/Boss’s Expectations/Being Adult In The Workplace
  • School Ball/Social and Table Etiquette

Schools & facilities catering for people with disabilities

We provide all our subjects your students and clients require.

As well as teaching grooming, colour analysis and presentation, we have done modelling, makeup and graduation shows to the joy of families and everyone associated.

Yes, apart from makeup, we work with males as well.

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