Skincare 101


The ultimate guide for healthy radiant skin


“What We Do On The Inside Shows On The Outside”

Our skin reflects the state of our health. What we do on the inside, shows on the outside.

For example, the lack of sleep and a lazy skincare routine, all contribute to unattractive skin.

Diet plays an important role as well.  Excessive dieting can cause skin to sag and over indulging in incorrect food creates blemishes.

Vitamin pills cannot replace a well balanced diet.

Get into the water habit of 8 glasses a day to help remove toxins from body.

Coke is great for cleaning coins, but too strong for stomachs. Try to reduce soft drinks and salty foods like chips as this results in acne.

Skincare 101
Image Credit: Thabang Mokoena

Skincare 101 – Being Sun Smart

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer, so it is imperative to use block out on all exposed areas of your skin, not forgetting your hands, which can be extremely susceptible to cancer spots.

Don’t forget, any mark on your skin that changes colour, raised, or becomes itchy, should be checked by a  doctor.

For maximum protection, block out works best when applied 30 minutes before going into the sun and should be applied 2 hourly when swimming.

Sunglasses should always be 100% UV Ray filter.

Perfume destroys your skin’s pigmentation in sunlight and leaves a scarring effect.

Don’t wear perfume on your skin, which will be exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to wear it under clothing.

Don’t Touch That Pimple

Blemishes take delight in appearing at the most inopportune moment.

It takes a wise and strong person the resist the temptation of attacking a blemish.

Here are some dont’s to avoid for healthy skin:

  • Clean hands and nails before touching your face.
  • Squeezing blemishes can worsen the problem. LEAVE THEM ALONE
  • Masks help to draw out problems in skin. Never put fingers into skincare products
  • Beware of harsh products i.e. some facial scrubs and alcohol-based toners.
  • Avoid hot water directly on your face.
  • Alcohol dehydrates your skin.
  • Smoking makes skin leathery, it is easy to recognise a smoker’s face.

Smiling is good for you inside and out and completes your presentation.

Skincare 101 - Dont Dos
Image Credit: Airbnb

The Routine

It doesn’t take a 10-step skincare routine for glowing, radiant skin. Just 4 basic ones:

  1. CLEANSE Soap can be extremely irritating and drying to the face.  Milk and gel cleansers work well.  with a milk or gel cleanser in an upwards, circular motion with a face brush.
  2. TONER This toner recipe is suitable for all skins and is gentle enough to use around your eye area.  Ingredients are available from chemists or health stores.
  • 4 Parts Distilled Water
  • 2 Parts Rose Water
  • 1 Part  Witch Hazel
  1. EYE GEL Softens the inevitable onset of deeply etched lines, then eye cream on the bone mass around eyes.
  2. MOISTURISE to maintain a younger skin and use age appropriate products. Young skins shouldn’t use mum’s moisturiser.  Use fingers to warm moisturisers before applying to skin.

NB:  Eye area should be treated  very gently.

Use eye make up-remover only, then Dene’s toner and any eye product as shown in class. If in doubt on bone area only.

Skincare 101 - Eye Area
Image Credit: Humphrey Muleba, IG: @good.citizen

EXFOLIANT RECIPE  This exfoliant is very gentle and skin won’t react to it. Use 1-2 a week to remove all the dead skin cells.

  • Combine Cetaphil gentle skin cleanse ($8.60) with Bi-Carb soda

It is also good for super smooth hands. Mix in bowl with equal parts and your hands will feel incredible!