Perfume Hacks

Perfume Hacks

Perfume Hacks

A guide to finding your fragrance

Perfumes are an important distinct accessory for every lady.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory which is why choosing the right perfume is important, especially with first impressions.

But choosing the right perfume can be tough, especially with so many different scents.

To guide you in finding your perfect scent, here are Dene Selby’s tips and perfume hacks, because knowledge is confidence.

Perfume Hacks Basics

Let’s get the basics sorted. Along with the different scents out there, there are different concentrations of the fragrance that you can buy. This is due to the different percentages of the oils in the fragrance which affects the longevity of the fragrance.

Eau de Toilette (EDT) : usually has 1-6% of concentrate. It is light and doesn’t remain on the skin long, roughly 2-4 hours.

Eau de Parfum (EDP): contains 7-15% of long lasting concentrate and naturally lasts longer, roughly 3-5 hours.

Only You know What You Want

To save time, know your style of perfume.

Do you prefer something light, fruity, floral, or something more masculine like musky or woody ?

It is best to identify your favourite style from your current favourite perfume.

Get to know your style. Visit perfume departments often and familiarise yourself.

Don’t be shy to try out the scents or asking for help.

Perfume  Interacts Differently To Individual Skins

There are many factors that affect the scent on your skin.

These include the pH, temperature, diet and even skin types. So it is very important to try out how the perfume interacts with your skin.

Different skin types change the notes of the fragrance, particularly warmer, spicier notes, causing them to become acrid and have an unpleasant smell.

Take your time in choosing and let them develop on your skin before buying as it can change and smell different from when you first tried it.

Perfume Hacks - Scents
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Perfume Hacks – Testing The Perfume

  1. Wear your favourite on one wrist and try new one on the other.
  2. Leave for a few hours to see which you prefer.
  3. See how the notes of fragrance develop.

The reason why you spray it on your wrist is because it is one of the pulse points.

Others being behind your ears, the neck and cleavage. It is the where skin is the thinnest and because the pulse is so close to the skin, it retains the most fragrance.

Perfume Hacks - Testing
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Cards Are Great For Avoiding Saturating Your Sensory Receptors

With all the testing it can be easy to confuse your sense of smell. If so don’t be shy to grab a few cards, which are so convenient as they also have the brand names stamped to identify your favourite scent easily.

  1. Spray cards
  2. Leave for a few hours and check how you like them later. (Not all at once)
  3. Later try on your skin

When trying perfumes, give yourself a break in between and try to refresh your olfactory senses.

Fragrances stay on longer on well hydrated skins. Dry skins find it challenging to hold fragrances on the skin for a prolonged period of time due to the lack of oils on the skin’s surface, making it difficult for the deodorant molecules to cling on.

Perfume Hacks – Tips

  • For serious perfume wearers, layer your fragrances with a body lotion prior to applying fragrance to ensure longevity.
  • Perfume goes on pulse spots or walk though spray, BUT not when wearing silk.
  • no perfume on exposed skin will be exposed to the sun. Perfume covered skin is more vulnerable to UV rays.
  • Models do not wear perfume on the job.