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Dene Selby Modelling PerthAbout Dene Selby Modelling Perth

If you would like to know more about Dene Selby Modelling Perth, please read on.

Dene Selby has used her extensive experience to develop Modelling and Deportment courses in Perth  that have helped launch many successful careers since 1991.

In her long career nationally and internationally, Dene has featured in films, television shows, press and television (campaigns and editorial) and runway.

Dene also has vast experience as a choreographer, quest co-ordinator, compere, judge and image and colour analysis consultant.

Dene has also developed into her courses key social skills that provide students and clients with the quiet confidence needed to deal with many situations that can pop up in life.

“Confidence is knowledge and knowledge is confidence”

The Dene Selby School of Modelling in Perth also teaches Deportment and Imaging and aims to provide each student with the ability to radiate quiet confidence whether on the runway, in front of a camera, at school, university, business and in life in general.

Dene is proud that her many quest winners have supported a charity as part of their journey to success, as beauty starts from within.

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