Tots and Littlies 4-7

Tots and Littlies 4-7Tots and Littlies 4-7

These Tots and Littlies 4-7 modelling classes are designed to help social development as well as assisting motor skills. All subjects are age appropriate.

We do a lot of filming in class to show the little ones what does and doesn’t work, rather than simply explain. Filming is a wonderful tool for shy students who we quietly encourage at a comfortable pace that suits them. We want them to have fun without pressure whilst they are learning. Parents are welcome to watch the video replay at the end of the class.

They will have fun with age appropriate subjects like:

  •  Model Walk
  • Deportment
  • TV Commercials
  • Choreographed Routines
  • Manners
  • Hand & Nail Care
  • Photographic Training
  • Working with Outfits
  • Working In Front of A Camera
  • Certificate
  • Graduation Preparation
  • Photo Shoots & Portfolio (Optional but recommended)

Tots and Littlies 4-7Tots and Littlies 4-7 Modelling Course

  • $200 for a 10 week term for 45 minutes per week
  • The subjects above are covered over 4 terms.
  • The photo shoot cost is not included in the term fee as it is optional and prices vary with different photographers.
Tots and Littlies 4-7


Modelling Party

  • 1 ½ hour package of modelling & filming
  • Mini choreographed routine
  • TV Commercial
  • This is filmed and played back at end that parents can watch

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