Take a little time to read some of the lovely testimonials about Dene Selby provided by her students or their parents and her associates.

All of these testimonials have been reproduced from the Dene Selby: Model School, Agency & Image Maker facebook page.

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Zuhal Kuvan-Mills

Privileged to work with Dene Selby

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills April 30, 2019

I have privileged to work with Dene Selby last two years.
Her support to International Eco Fashion Week was just incredible with her extremely well trained models has passed our expectations at international Runways.
Dene has also trained our volunteer models during the year whom never had any modeling experience before.
Working with Dene was and always has being such a pleasure as well as her amazing modeling team.
If you are working with Dene, consider yourself very lucky as she is such an amazing and passionate professional, great teacher, mentor as well as lifelong friend.

Carole Bramston

Dene is a fantastic operator

Carole Bramston April 30, 2019

Dene is a fantastic operator that really knows her stuff.

Brenda Wand

I would highly recommend Modeling Perth

Brenda Wand May 4, 2019

I met Dene over 25 years ago when I enrolled my daughter who was very shy at the time who ended up doing many major shows and lost her shyness.
My daughter has also had her son and daughter attend for a several years.
Dene’s experience in the modeling industry nationally and internationally really shows and has trained many successful top models as well as young men and women who now have confidence, good edict skills, dress sense, job skills and respect for themselves and others.
I would highly recommend Modeling Perth to all ages, males and females, boys and girls.

Taylahs Mum

Dene Selby is my daughters mentor

Leonie Walsh Taylah's Mum May 16, 2019

Dene Selby is my daughters mentor, she is a true professional who I respect and trust whole heartedly with my child, Taylah.
Dene is a positive influence who has guided Taylah for the last 3 years from transitioning from the country to the city in her teenage years to become a beautiful confident young lady. Thank you Dene.

Gina Semi

Dene is an amazing teacher

Gina Semi June 20, 2019

My daughter has multiple disabilities but Dene took the time and noticed straight away that she would learn with visual signals.
We did work very long with Dene and Tia did ECO Fashion Week Australia 2018 and what she has learnt has helped her In her everyday life as well.
Dene is an amazing teacher