Take a little time to read some of the lovely testimonials about Dene Selby provided by her students or their parents and her associates.

All of these testimonials have been reproduced from the Dene Selby: Model School, Agency & Image Maker facebook page.

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Talisha loved her classes with Dene

May Lin Clients Mum June 10, 2018

My daughter Talisha started with Dene last Year in February. Dene has been so lovely.
Talisha loved her classes with Dene and the girls she met through Dene’s class.
You would not recognise the girl that started a year ago.
She is so much more confident, having a lovely posture and learning to walk on a catwalk. Dene has also given us so much opportunity.
Introducing us to Eco Fashion Week and from there we were offered the opportunity to go to LA with a local designer.
Talisha was also the wild card winner for Pierrot’s model search this year.
Thanks Dene for all the coaching. Not only about modelling but also about skincare, how to apply makeup and dressing appropriately.

David Woolley

Worked closely with Dene Selby for many years

David Wooley April 19, 2019

I have worked closely with Dene Selby and her models for many years and can say that her ability to train, mentor, and bring out the best in her clients is second to none.

I would highly recommend any parent to enroll there daughters or sons in Dene's Modeling classes

Brierley O'Donnell

I started modeling with Dene when I was two and a half years old

Brierley O'Donnell April 21, 2019

I started modeling with Dene when I was two and a half years old.
Over the past 16 years I have learned so much with Dene, from etiquette to style and, of course, modeling.
This has helped grow my confidence in myself, which has helped with many situations including my studies.
I have recently worked with international designers parading with ECO fashion and have had so much fun doing portfolio shoots.

Dene is passionate about increasing confidence and self esteem with her students and encourages them as they have fun modeling.
She is truly invested in the lives and futures of every one of her students and maintains contact with students who have left to further their careers elsewhere.
From the past 16 years with Dene, I have become more confident and more knowledgeable about those things that seem trivial until they aren’t – from eating with chopsticks and knowing which item of cutlery to use, to knowing which colours suit myself and how to better look after my skin, nails and hair. If you are looking for a modeling school where you will learn, grow, and enjoy yourself, you have found it.

Ellas Mum

The best thing we have ever done

Marie Fisher April 24, 2019

The best thing we have ever done.
My daughter Ella has been with Dene this year for one Term.
Her confidence is growing, made some great friends, and she had her first photo shoot which was highly professional.
Dene’s classes are fun and you learn different things each week which will help her in the future.
Dene is a caring, compassionate person and knows the industry well.
Highly recommended.

Madeline Heber

The best modeling school in Perth

Madeline Heber April 30, 2019

I have worked with many modeling schools in Perth throughout my career as a makeup artist and in my opinion, the quality of Dene's teaching and experience is second to none.
I have observed the way in which she works closely with both the students and their families to not only bring out their potential in modeling, but enhance their confidence and give the students valuable life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.
If you are looking for the best modeling school in Perth, look no further!