January 2, 2016



Take a little time to read some of the lovely testimonials about Dene Selby provided by her students or their parents and her associates.

All of these testimonials have been reproduced from the Dene Selby: Model School, Agency & Image Maker facebook page.

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Azure Portman

Best model mama ever

Azure Portman January 2, 2016

I started modelling with Dene over a year and a half ago and I could not recommend her more! She's had such a positive impact on my life and I'll always be grateful for the experiences I've had through her.

Although I've been told by strangers and friends to model my whole life, I was held back by anxieties. After a few months of working with Dene I felt more confident in social situations and in myself. It's been so nice to gain beautiful relationships with the girls in and out of my class, we have a lot of fun.

Dene holds an array of classes and teaches us a lot of different things that I have found to be very informative and valuable. She treats every student with love and care and can see she has a special place in her heart for all her students, past and present. I love that she is so understanding and wants her students to do the things they are comfortable with. Dene has been such an encouraging, kind and inspiring teacher, I've learnt so much through her and I love every class. So much love to you Dene, best model mama ever xx

Jay Gerken

A brilliant institute for creating self-confident, well mannered and articulate young people

Jay Gerken January 2, 2016

Dene Selby: Model School, Agency & Image Maker.... is a brilliant institute for creating self-confident, well mannered and articulate young people.

Her training helps to complete the upbringing really lacking in many of today's schools and lifestyles. Dene Selby helps give each of her students a professional edge, creating an polished image to help each of them shine in their chose endeavors.

Kyra Phillips

No one is better than you

Kyra Phillips January 2, 2016

Dene you are an amazing modelling teacher. Thank you so much for teaching my daughter.

No one is better than you. Your incredible x

Grace Murphy

Dene is well educated and highly professional teacher

Grace Murphy January 2, 2016

I started attending classes with Dene when I was 16 years old. At this age I was still very unsure of myself and insecure.

However, after simply one term with Dene, I not only felt more confident in myself, but also learnt a lot of skills and life lessons that are still with me today, that I've been able to use in a variety of different situations.

Dene is well educated and highly professional teacher who always ensures each and everyone of her students learn the graces of deportment, modelling, etiquette and grooming. I would definately recommend Dene, as she is by far the best teacher for grooming, deportment, etiquette and modelling in Perth.

Stephanie Henny Trinh

Very Professional

Stephanie Henny Trinh January 2, 2016

Very Professional, patience & understanding

Love you Dene

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