I started modeling with Dene when I was two and a half years old

Brierley O'Donnell

I started modeling with Dene when I was two and a half years old.
Over the past 16 years I have learned so much with Dene, from etiquette to style and, of course, modeling.
This has helped grow my confidence in myself, which has helped with many situations including my studies.
I have recently worked with international designers parading with ECO fashion and have had so much fun doing portfolio shoots.

Dene is passionate about increasing confidence and self esteem with her students and encourages them as they have fun modeling.
She is truly invested in the lives and futures of every one of her students and maintains contact with students who have left to further their careers elsewhere.
From the past 16 years with Dene, I have become more confident and more knowledgeable about those things that seem trivial until they aren’t – from eating with chopsticks and knowing which item of cutlery to use, to knowing which colours suit myself and how to better look after my skin, nails and hair. If you are looking for a modeling school where you will learn, grow, and enjoy yourself, you have found it.

Brierley O'Donnell April 21, 2019