My daughter Azure Portman has been in Dene Selby Model School now for a year and a half

Rhonda Portman

When Azure first entered the Agency she was shy and withdrawn and was finding it hard to find friends. Since being with Dene, Azure has made friends with some lovely young women who have been an encouragement and inspiration to Azure.

I have witnessed Azure develop in Confidence & hold herself Graciously in difficult situations. Azure has become a lot more motivated and organised through the importance Dene places on personal responsibilities, both on the professional scale as a developing model and in private life. The Agency is affordable in today’s standard, Dene wants her services to be reachable.

I have never heard Dene put any emphasis on labels or expensive clothing for the Graduation. In fact Azure has worn clothes that were already in her wardrobe. Dene has a proven track record of Professional development for her students and is of a high calibre. My personal view of Dene is that she is a Generous, Sensitive and Caring person who is a Great & Inspiring teacher and a woman of beauty inside and out.

Rhonda Portman January 2, 2016